Monday, March 15, 2010

Press the electoral pressure groups for action

I have just sent this message to the organisations campaigning for electoral reform in the UK.
If you have any inclination about the desirability of electoral reform, you can copy and paste the message to them too, to make it more likely that they take notice.

Dear Colleague

The FPTP electoral system is not fit for purpose. It must go.

Any Parliament elected by FPTP will have an in-built bias towards feeling that FPTP is an excellent system.
Therefore electoral reform must come about through extra-parliamentary pressure.

One simple way of involving people, and bringing the matter to the attention of those who administer the election, is to nudge voters to make a firm yet polite protest in the polling stations, by saying, at they are given their ballot forms, "FPTP has got to go".

Another means of bringing pressure is through an ongoing, weekly General Pause, from 9-9.15 am every Monday.

Third, we need also to call together a demonstration in Parliament Square in the week before the election, and at intervals thereafter, until our
objectives are met. This should be a coordinated action by
Make my Vote Count - the Campaign for Real Democracy.
Unlock Democracy.
The Electoral Reform Society. 
Power 2010
Vote for a Change ,
together with those political parties that support electoral reform.

I would be grateful if you would give these suggestions sympathetic consideration and let me know if any or all of them are worth following up.

Thank you

Richard Lawson
ex-Parliamentary Candidate (Weston) for the Green Party, regretfully withdrawn for tactical reasons.
First Past the Post has Got to Go!


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DocRichard said...

Hi Tom,
Thanks but no thanks. This is a Green campaigning blog, and advertisements would detract from the core message that there is more to life than the bottom line. Even strictly green product ads would cause controversy, with so much greenwash around. I have considered placing ads for NGOs that I support, like Practical Action.