Thursday, July 24, 2014

MP letter re Child Sexual Abuse by VIPs

I have sent a letter from here to my MP.

This is such an important issue, not just because of the massive suffering that has been inflicted on children, not just because of the massive injustice that has been compounded on the suffering as they have been ignored and disbelieved, and their abusers protected by police and other officials, but because the body politic cannot be healthy when it is holding onto such an abscess, repressing such filth.

So please copy, personalise and send this letter to your own MP. This issue is big. I know it is difficult to be interested in anything other than Gaza at present, but we must strike while the iron is hot.

Use the Write to Them website to send your letter electronically.

Dear [MP name]

I am sure you are as concerned as I am at the disturbing stories that are emerging of historic child sexual abuse by VIPs. There is strong prima facie evidence of this, and many instances of cover-ups by police and others in authority. It is a deeply concerning narrative of multiple forms of abuse that tails off into some very dark and extreme allegations.

Some of the evidence is summarised on a brief, concise website here:

It is clear that there is a need for major policy changes to diminish future abuses, and especially to remove the immunity that politicians, civil servants, police, security services, churchmen and other Establishment figures have been enjoying.
I would like to put before you some policy changes that are needed, for your comments. As this is a rather long letter, I have put specific questions in bold.

First, I would like to ask you to ask that the Whips of your party organize a thorough review of past archives in the Whips’ offices to try to find any records of wrong-doing that may have escaped destruction. If you find any, I ask you to copy them carefully and fully before passing them on to Operation Fernbridge and the overarching inquiry into child sexual abuse by VIPs, in order to avoid any inadvertent losses that have occurred previously, as for example with the Dickens dossier.

1 Overarching Inquiry
We need one single overarching inquiry with the widest possible remit to follow all leads wherever they may take the inquiry, and irrespective of how senior and important the suspect may be. The inquiry will need a disinterested judge who is not embedded in the Establishment to lead it. Michael Mansfield QC has been suggested.
There is also a need for one or two survivors of abuse to be on the panel of the inquiry, and I understand that the Home Office is minded to accept this suggestion, but I would be grateful if you would make sure that this proposal sticks.
A preliminary report from the Inquiry should be published at least one month before the General Election in 2015 so that the electorate can use the information to make a decision when it comes to the vote.
In order to facilitate the process of the inquiry an amnesty should be offered to witnesses (Civil Servants, officials etc) who have been accomplices in past cover-ups. This amnesty is to be superseded at the end of the inquiry by more rigorous laws and penalties that are at present being put forward by the NSPCC for anyone found to have assisted in cover-ups This stick-and-carrot approach will encourage witnesses who would otherwise hold back out of fear for offending powerful people.
The inquiry should look at the methods and conclusions of Ireland's Commission to Inquire into Child Abuse. It should also learn from best practices in other countries.

2 Abused people as witnesses
One of the central problems in our adversarial judicial system is that abused people, especially those who were brought up in children's homes, are not "good witnesses". As a result of the circumstances of their upbringing and their abuse they have low self-esteem, low self confidence, are often not good communicators and are often poorly socialised. Some have criminal records.
In court, it is exceedingly easy for a barrister from a privileged background, public school and university education, a professional familiarity of Court procedure and a supercilious manner to reduce these witnesses to tears and destroy their credibility.
In the case of child witnesses, and I understand, rape victims, courts understand the asymmetry and injustice of this situation, and children and rape victims are now able to testify via video links and personal, one-to-one interviews with the judge. There is a good case to be made to allow survivors of child abuse to be offered this privilege. In some was they are still children, since their maturation process has been disrupted by the abuse.
This privilege can be compared to that available to security service operatives, who are sometimes allowed to testify in court from behind a curtain.
Can you press for this facility can be extended to survivors of child sexual abuse please?

3 Institutions caring for children
Child abuse - physical, sexual, emotional or neglectful - can occur in any setting including the family home, but the opportunity is greater in institutions where children are available 24/7 to people who have no family connection with them. All residential institutions for children, including boarding schools, should be subject to unannounced inspections, and the whole system of care home inspections must be thoroughly reviewed. Inspectors must be available to talk one-to-one with any child who wishes, or whom they decide to speak to. They will be trained in reading body language and sub-text in verbal communication, and have powers to move any child to a place of safety immediately if they think it necessary.
Reporting of children with behaviour or symptoms suggesting they are at risk should be mandatory.
Penile plethysmography or other, more sophisticated, investigations of sexual arousal for "carers" suspected of abuse should be considered.

4 Care for abusees and survivors
Supportive counselling must be made freely available for all survivors of abuse, but fortified with CBT and specific brief and effective techniques for treating their condition.
A compensation fund to assist those in economic difficulty should be considered.

5 Treatment for convicted abusers
Up to now, the only treatment offered has been psychotherapy. There is scant evidence of its effectiveness, and it is offered to only a small proportion of offenders.
There is some evidence that hormonal therapy is effective in controlling paedophilic motivation, and this is beginning to be trialled in the UK. The roll-out of these trials should be speeded up.
I am very grateful to you for considering these several points, and for taking action on them.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

What the girl showed them

[continued from below]

The crowd stood in the blinding sun, watching this strangely commanding girl as she raised her handful of dust, tossed it into the air, and blew on it. Her exhalation went on for an unexpectedly long time - far longer than a small girl's breath should last. While their minds were distracted by the size of her breath, the crowd's vision was surprised by an illusion that formed in the cloud of dust; a panoramic view of the Land, unmistakeable in its shape, river and mountains and the long white seaboard. It was a beatiful sight, stretched out below a warm sun, tiny patches of green staining the dazzling white land wherever there was water.

They could see theselves, humans, going about their business like tiny ants, popping in and out of beautifuly delineated white houses. They noticed small dark clouds emerging from the heart of important buildings. The clouds reacted on each other, each cloud feeding the other. The crowd sensed this causal reality. Though opposed, each cloud took their being and growth from the existence of the other. The clouds smelled of filth and death as they grew, and began to block the light that had been bathing the Land. When the areas of spreading darkness touched, red flames appeared, and plumes took the smoke upward. Within a short time the whole land was covered in darkness, but the the blanket of festering cloud swelled upwards, so thick that it almost extinguished the intermittent flashes of red. The watching people knew then that beneath the cloud, the Land was dead, and the tiny people who had lived there were no more.

The strange little girl drew a long breath in, and the image of darkness disappeared. The onlookers switched their attention to her. For a second time she tossed a handful of dust into the air, for a second time she blew a long, long breath into the dust, and for a second time a vision opened up to the stunned watchers. It began in the same way, but this time, they were mainly aware of the tiny patches of green, and noticed that the ant-like huimans were tending them. They noticed clouds forming, but the were white natural clouds rolling in from the sparkling blue sea. They saw the ants busying themselves, and the knowlege came to them that they were harvesting every drop of rain that fell on any and every roof in the whole Land.

The green patches began to extend. They became aware also of a growing patch of green spreading in from the edge of the sea. A forest was spreading inland. The forest grew a cloud, and the cloud brought cooling rain, which further spread the green. The watchers noticed the energy and health of the ant-like humans growing as the greenness captured the golden energy of the sun. They noticed prosperity spreading. They heard harmonious music drifting up from the rooftops of the Great City. 

With a start, they noticed that the little girl had disappeared. 

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

The Little Girl and the Mugging

One day a man was walking down a dusty, hot street, going about his business, when he was mugged.

Mugged for his wallet.

The mugger took the wallet, and stood there in the sun counting the few limp and well-used notes that it contained. The mugee, recovering from his surprise, lashed out at the mugger, kicking him painfully on his shin. 

The mugger took out a club and beat the muggee with it until the muggee was unconscious.

A small crowd gathered, including the wife and children of the man lying on the grounnd. 
Pretty soon he regained consciousness. 
Weakened, and groaning, he kicked the shin of the mugger. 
Again the mugger lashed out with his club until the muggee relasped into unconsciousness. 
Only this time he beat also on the wife and children of the muggee.

Before long a policeman arrived. 

"What's all this then?" asked the Policeman.

"He kicked me" said the mugger.

"He took my dad's wal-" said the oldest child of the man lying on the ground, a boy of 10, who was nursing a bruised forearm. "-Stop kicking him", interrupted the Policeman to the man on the floor.

And he did stop kicking, for a bit. He lay there still as a rock in the sun, on the hot dusty pavement, just concentrating on getting his breath. 

It was very quiet and hot.  The Policeman stood next to the mugger, who was watching the muggee's foot. The man lay on the ground, still. Everyone in the crowd stood around wondering what would happen next.

Suddenly he kicked out, and the beating started again, both for the muggee and his wife and children, while the Policeman watched. 

Then it stopped. Then it started again. 

This went on for quite a while.

A few people in the crowd were getting restless, but most of them werre well-behaved and said nothing, and a few were finding it a bit boring. 

Eventually a small girl stepped forward. She was thin but determined, looked about five or six, but could have been eight or nine, given the poor state of nutrition of the children in that town.  

She looked right up at the policeman and asked him "Why don't you stop him?"

"Stop who?" asked the Policeman, startled by the unexpected question.

"Him" said the little girl, pointing to the mugger.
"Because Mr Hems" said the policeman confidently, pointing to the muggee, "Keeps kicking poor Mr Ben". By which he meant the mugger. 

"Ben doesn't look poor", said the little girl.  

"Only because I do this", said the Policeman, slipping a ten-dollar note into the back pocket of Mr Ben the Mugger. "He would be poor if I didn't".

The little girl went over to Mr Hems, who was lying on the dusty white pavingstones, blood all over him.
She looked at him.

"Why do you kick?"  she asked.

"He took my wallet" said Mr Hems.

"But every time you kick him", she said, "he hurts you and your family".

"Not to kick would be like giving in," said Mr Hems. "The beating does hurt, yes, but kicking him gives me a moment of pleasure".

The little girl looked down at Mr Hems, then she looked up at Mr Ben and the Policeman. 

And she looked round at the crowd, and at the broken houses up and down the shimmering street.

And she looked up at the blue sky, and down the street towards the beach where the boys had died. 

She looked for quite a few long moments.

Then she picked up a handful of dust.

"Let me show you something", she said.

[continued in the page above this one]

Thursday, July 10, 2014

New wiki on VIP Child Sexual Abuse in the UK

I have created a wiki here, simply because I couldn't get my head around the vast body of information that has been coming out since the festering abscess that was Jimmy Savile has burst. My wiki orders and manages the information. It is by no means complete - that's the point, anyone can add stuff they feel is missed out.

I like wikis. They are of course the basis for Wikipedia, bur anyone can set them up. I use Wikidot, which is free, clean and friendly. 

Please visit, read it, and let me know what you think. 

This is a serious and very important topic. The bottom line is that it looks very much as if a group of deluded men who have no true regard for the feelings and lives of children have wormed their way into positions of authority in our political establishment. They have got to be outed. To do this, we need to spread understanding of what is happening. 

I hope you will find that helps with this understanding.