Thursday, August 26, 2010

Mabinogogiblog moves up in the world.

Wahey! The Mabinogogiblog has moved up 2 places in the Total Politics poll of green political blogs. From 11th last year to 9th this year. That only took 295,478,994 words.

Life has meaning after all.

Congratulations to all other Green blogger colleagues who figure, and commiserations to those whose efforts are not recognised in this particular forum.

Needless to say, green bloggers disdain all competitiveness and worldly ambition.


weggis said...

Needless to say, green bloggers disdain all competitiveness and worldly ambition.

Like F*** they do!

That only took 295,478,994 words.

I demand a [manual] recount.

Well deserved there Dick Doc. You've had more "I wish I'd written that"s from me than any other blog.

DocRichard said...

Your demand is repudiated.

Thanks for the kind encouraging words. I'm sure your blog would do be further up the pile if you spent more time writing it and less time encouraging us with your comments. Nothing worse than an expanse of commentless words.

Edward Wilson / Harold Heath said...

What do you reckon to this?

A lovely piece of understatement from one of the journalists, Jonathan Warren, tickled me especially:

"The Climate Camp neighbourhood media pack says: 'one of the best chances we have of reaching people who haven't yet heard what we've got to say yet is through the media'

That same media pack also says:

'journalists are not bad people, just weak and cowardly.'

Perhaps not the best place to start your media relations strategy, especially if you post it online."

Anonymous said...

I didn't know there were 25 green blogs out there.

damned by faint praise if you ask me.

I mean, behind Rupert Read? His blog reads like the narcissistic ramblings of a man with a superiority complex. You should at least be above him. You're very pleasant, measured, genuinely care and sound like excellent company and you don't hector or preach.

Mind you Ian Dale is right up in the blogosphere listings too and even managed to get on Any Questions. Talk about dumbing down. We're in real trouble Doc.

DocRichard said...

Hi Anon
In fact the Green Party does pretty well on a per capita basis. Here's the list from total politics:
* BNP (19)
* Conservative (325)
* DUP (1)
* Green (97)
* Labour (220)
* Left Wing (159)
* LibDem (198)
* Libertarian (81)
* Mebyon Kernow (2)
* Non Aligned (437)
* Plaid (28)
* Respect (3)
* Right Wing (135)
* SDLP (1)
* SNP (25)
* UKIP (21)
The Libertarians are punching above their weight, but if we had a member/blog ratio, we would be doing well. I cannot be bothered to do the sums.

Edward Wilson / Harold Heath said...

I'm sorry that you've ignored my question about that Guardian piece. I gather that Marc Vallee is quite a respected journalist in radical circles "who is currently working on a long-term project to document political protest and dissent in modern Britain" so if the Climate Campers have alienated him, then they really are on a losing wicket surely?

If Greens can't even work with friends, how will you cope with fotlers like these?

DocRichard said...

Sorry! I thought it was more of a "havealookatthis" type question. I think I may have started a response, but it got lost in some technical glitch. Sometimes Google forgets my name and password.

I used to be v keen on getting Green media profile, and have scored some modest success, beginning with one story that went worldwide (CNN, Oz, Japan). But I now prefer to blog, because "media" means middle man, and they always have to angle the story. So I prefer to blog.

Having said that, I am just about to do a news release on bloggers in the SW.

DocRichard said...

EWHH, re the FOTL and OldHolborn link, I need to lie down and have a little think. I've met these guys before.

Yes, we do need to cultivate friends among the journalists. That is why I seconded the Leadership proposal in the GP, and it does look as if it has worked.

The problem for us is that a lot of our natural allies, such as the Climate Camp activists, refuse to vote, out of principle.

The words nose and face come to mind...