Friday, August 27, 2010

What assurances has Asil Nasir been given by the Cleggeron?

I am just wondering about what reassurances Asil Nadir was given by the Government to make him return. He says:
"I am very happy that what I have been striving for for many years is finally coming to fruition – to be able to go to England without any unnecessary threat of arrest and to be given the chance to put my case.
"I am hoping for closure of this long-running case in a fair and just way. I have been a citizen [of the UK] for more than 30 years without a blemish on my character and I am entitled to a fair hearing. The one thing I can completely rely on is the total conviction of my belief in my innocence – that is what gives me strength."

From that, we can infer that the Tories assured him that he would not be arrested. Which is a bit funny for someone who ran from justice.
I hope they have not leaned on the judges to make sure that he is not convicted. An unworthy thought, as justice is totally independent of Government. Isn't it?

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