Sunday, September 19, 2010

From Freezer to Fridge in homage to the Frugal Queen

I am a follower of the Frugal Queen, (here she is making some soap) who is an example to us all of how to consume as little as possible.

Today, for want of anything better to write about, (we've done the Pope, and I do not do political conferences as of last Monday)  I shall mention a small energy conservation matter.

People like Frugal Queen do without freezers, but lots of us slackers do have them. Now if you have to get something out of the freezer and de-frost it, the best place to do that is in your fridge, on the topmost shelf, not in the open air in the kitchen. Because. In the fridge, it will cool the fridge down, and save the fridge having to run its motor to cool down. And if it is in the open air, it will cool the house down just that tiny bit, which will make your central heating (yes, I know, but we do tend to have it) run that tiny bit more.

The only inconvenience is that the defrost process takes longer. Oh and put it on a tray or a plate, because it will dribble otherwise.

That's all. Back we go to the submission to the DWP.



This needs some thought. A frozen item on top of the freezer dropping it's cold air over the back of the freezer necessitating less electrical consumption by the unit = x electricity saved? - compared to a burst of microwave radiation over - let's say 5 minutes = defrosted item ready to eat/cook in minutes as opposed to nine hours later having been clawed and chewed by one cat, one dog and eleven flies.

DocRichard said...

I know not these "microwaves" of which you speak, Earthman.

On our planet, we try to keep dogs, cats and flies out of our refrigerators, but this is no doubt a cultural matter, I make no claims regarding our habits and their impact on our health.

weggis said...

I understand that in Wales they are known as "Popty Pings".


Hello Weggis - I think it's women that are known as Popty Pings in Wales.

DocRichard said...

I am considering the purchase of one of these Popty Ping items, and will take it back to my planet as a curio.


Dicky Doc

Purchase should not be necessary sir.

Unknown said...

Hi Gideon, Doc Richard meant inside the fridge, on a plate and on the top shelf. Good idea Richard and I do I have small freezer as part of the fridge. I cook weekly and freeze the meals and the bread for the week. P>S totally honoured by you mentioning me at all!X!

DocRichard said...

Is it not possible to purchase a popty ping? Are they available free of charge? Then I will take this nice one home with me, as she is in tune with the way things are run on my planet.

Frugal, it is I who am honoured. Without your blog, I doubt anyone would come here at all. There is a constant flow of traffic from Frugal to the Mabinogogiblog.

I would invite you to come with me back to my planet, but I expect that you will say you are needed here to teach earthlings the virtues of rationality.

On my planet we, the dominant species, have learned to live with all other life forms in harmony. It is what you would call a Paradise. There is only one rule: no more than one child per person, and do not take more than you need. OK, two rules then.

Health and Safety Officer said...

WARNING: Raw meat should never, ever, be placed on the top shelf, for fear of deadly bacteria who are too lazy to climb upwards, but will crawl, slither, ooze and drip suppuratively downwards onto your cream cakes, given half a chance.

DocRichard said...

You make a good point, officer. Bang to rights. Even in a plate it might slop when you pull it out. Nor should it go in the bottom of a fridge (where it would still save electricity, but less efficiently), since it might leak over the bottom of the fridge and you might be too lazy to clean it up 100%.

So frozen meat should *never* defrost in a fridge. You have to waste the electricity that went into freezing it by cooling down your kitchen. Make sure you put a fly cover over it.

All more reasons not to eat meat. And cream cakes.

HSO, what do you think about Lady GaGa?

Unknown said...

You are so right Richard, I would love to pop round but the hundreds of little darlings that I teach each day need me and Dearly Beloved needs a map to find the kitchen and would starve with out me!

DocRichard said...

Ah well.
By the way Frugal, i have been having another look at
my page on the UK financial problems.

I want to show that we can afford to create jobs in energy conservation &c. Let me know if there are bits that don't add up.

weggis said...

Well, frugal life, as a “dearly beloved” myself who is banned from the kitchen I have to say that I can survive when the Boss leaves me to my own devices. It may not be what she thinks is healthy and good for me but it’s what I like. The evidence is carefully and meticulously eradicated before she returns.

And BTW real men do not use soap, we sand blast!