Sunday, September 19, 2010

Green New Deal Rap

Green New Deal Rap

The heating from the house is going up and out the roof
It waste a lot of money and that’s the honest truth,
and it’s messing up the weather, and the same time loads of youth
are kickin’ round de city with no job that they can do.

So the Party that is Green  is fixing up de loft
with a load of insulation, fluff it up and make it soft
wid a team of kindly people that was looking for a job
and they’re sorting out the heat loss for a couple of bob.

So if people cast a vote for the Party that is Real
We is biggin’ up the pressure for a Green New Deal.
We can sort out the recession, we can save the planet too
we can make a million jobs ‘cos there’s lots of stuff to do.
saving energy and people with a Green New Deal Crew.

‘Cos there’s lots of work to do to make the world a better place
Work to save the world from heating and to save the human race.
Unemployment is a nonsense when there’s so much work to do.
The Greens have got a plan, but to do it we need you.

So come on you lovely people   time to get down off da fence
Vote Green on June the fourth ‘cos you know that green makes sense.

This was designed to cover a YouTube film of Greens getting unemployed people together to insulate a house, as part of an election campaign.



I’ve read your points of view and see the way you judge it
I know you love the planet but could you really manage the budget?
You mention the unemployed and the climate taking a kicking
But can you really create those jobs and keep the economy tickling?

DocRichard said...

The boot is on the other foot, my jungle rappin friend
Cos without a GND we gonna soon be see the end
Of the oil thats runnin out and the gas we must bring in
So we gotta save our energy and make it from the wind.

Doncha worry bout da money cos da more dat we invest
The more we gets in future and that way is truly best.


You can blind me with your rhymes
yet are you really with the times?
the wind maybe the solution
with it's rapid evolution
the problem with your thinking
is that you don't seem to be linking
the cost of what you wish for
against the planets need to fish more

(dodgy last bit but I was strugging)

DocRichard said...

Please do not even mention wot is happening to the fish
The catch is tailing off, more quick than we would wish
But your worry that both Blair and Brown has used up all the cash
Is based on Osborne's aim to hit us with his lash.

It's true that we're in hock to a very large degree,
But so is almost every other industrial country.
If market sharks are looking for to rip UK apart,
They have to kill the Yanks and Japs and that will make them fart.

Cos if they kill the USA the world come crashing down.
So don't believe that Osborne he's a mad bipolar clown.

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