Saturday, September 18, 2010

Held Back

                Held back

                   Unutterably sad
                 they burnt the ash tree
there, where it fell
because they could not
find a way to use its

Unutterably sad
they burnt those creatures
stinking, in piles
because they would not
use the means they had to

Unutterably sad
Uzbekistan screams
under the lash
because the dark lord
wants land,   to launch his

Unutterably sad
that mathematics
 - a body count -
is not a subject
to which we,  we may give

Unutterably sad
that those who love life
should so fall prey
to operators
who hold us all back with their

(c) Richard Lawson
Chesterfield 07-03-2005



You don't sound very happy - cheer up.

DocRichard said...

Thanks Gideon, I am completely happy now you have said that.

Seriously though, if we're in touch with what is going on, we're bound to be sad sometimes. Or angry. Or sometimes we can laugh at the idiocy of it all. But sadness is a legitimate emotion.

I wrote it years ago, but that's no excuse, because I chose to put it up today.


I assume "they burnt those creatures" relates to the foot and mouth?

I totally understand your feelings and indeed the need for sadness without which we wouldn't appreciate happiness.

I've read your poem about ten times now and like it (in a weird sort of way).

DocRichard said...

Yes, foot & mouth. I was the Green Party campaigner for vaccination, and was pretty deeply traumatised by that.

10 times! I'm impressed. Thank you very much.


During the foot and mouth outbreak my company was employed to decontaminate facilities involved with bovine research.

We soon realised that the policy of reaction over prevention meant unlimited budgets and fair to say we made hay whilst the sun shined.

If that money had been used in prevention the budget would have been less than a third of the final bill.