Thursday, October 07, 2010

Feeling Sorry for David Cameron

Pic from PA via Telegraph

This may lose me followers, but I have to say it.

Yesterday I had a tiny twinge of feeling sorry for David Cameron.

Ye I know. He is privileged, been to Eton, and is about to tear the country apart, plunging us into the deepest recession in 70 years, is a friend of the bankers, and is a Tory.

But I still feel sorry for him. Just as I did for Gordon.

Dave had nothing to say of any importance yesterday, and had to read, not recite, but that was because he has been changing nappies. Notionally. I'm sure he has someone to change nappies for him really.

He stood up and failed to impress his party, because large swathes of his party actively hate him. And Tories are very good at hate. They do it well. It's their Best Thing.

His Big Idea is the Big Society, and nobody knows what it means. Insofar as it means anything, it would mean better social cohesion, but his neighbour in No 11 is about to rip society apart, leaving Dave holding the limp tatters of a burst balloon of his Big Idea.

Dave is not a bad man. He has a good heart, and he means well. But he is leader of a party that is still very nasty, a party of the rich, by the rich, for the rich. They are setting about punishing the North, the poor, and now mothers who do the right thing by the Tory canon. Dave has the Spending Review to look forward to, and after that, the pain of imposing intolerable pain on the nation that he professes to care about.

Why did Osbore bounce the party with an ill thought through Reduction of Child Benefit for families whose mother stays at home looking after the children? Clearly this was a late entrant into the arena. Did Andy Coulson nudge The Boy George into doing it in order to divert attention from the Channel 4 programme that exposed once again his wet tissue of lies?

Clearly, Coulson is a dead man walking. He has become the story, not the story teller, and is doomed. The amazing capacity of the mainstream media to do a three wise monkeys on Coulsons mendacious pretence of ignorance of phone hacking is delaying Coulson's departure, but depart he will. The reason that he has hung on this long is that Dave is probably procrastinating, dreading the awful moment when he has to call Rupert Murdoch that his man Coulson has to leave Number 10. Even worse, who will Rupert install in Coulson's place? Richard Littlejohn? Mad Mel?

Faced with the prospect of 4 years of sharing space with Rupert's next place man, in addition to  the impossible prospect presiding over a  recession while simultaneously cutting public spending, it is not unreasonable to feel a tiny bit sorry for Call Me Dave.


First High Warlord of Didcot said...

When I had a pop on twitter last night, I thought I disagreed with you. On reading your blog, I find that we actually sing from the same hymnsheet in a lot of ways. Coulson is an absolute liability, the public already see him as worse than Campbell. Osborne is becoming a liability too. Anyone who can't see the inherent unfairness in not basing the CB cut on total household income should not be in politics, let alone running the nations finances. You have hit the nail on the head!

rob said...

It could be a lot worse - at least he has Dotty Dorries, Wonky Warsi and that elder stateman William Hague to fall back on.
There is also the bigger picture man (let's forget about the details) - that cove Gove, not forgetting the wily Fox defending his corner.
Yes it could all be a whole lot worse. Ho,hum.......

Sorry for Dave? I suppose it depends who you really think is in charge if indeed anyone is. It is like being sorry for George W Bush.

No. Sorry cannot do.

DocRichard said...


An ounce of agreement is worth a steaming tonne (or ton, as you may prefer) of disagreement.

A tonne of not feeling sorry is worth an ounce of feeling sor...oh, never mind :)

DocRichard said...

What do you pilot? Auster? Jets? Paragliders?
I used to fly hang gliders. Frem Rogallos to ones that went upwards.

Corve DaCosta said...

You won't lose followers for this

DocRichard said...

A lot of politics seems to be about hating the opposition and not much else. Thanks for the reassurance.
You have a seriously well-designed blog.