Thursday, October 07, 2010

National Poetry Day UK: In a Home


`Yes I'm all right'

the old one

turns away

towards the place

where all the old ones wait

not looking back

I caught

a lifetime's feeling

in her daughter's eyes

(c) Richard Lawson

It's National Poetry Day today. Theme: Home


weggis said...

This is Vogon poetry, right?

DocRichard said...

Think it through , Weg. Did Vogons have old folks' homes? I do not think so.

rob said...

Weggis - This is Vogon poetry, right?

I would have thought it was more redolent of empathy than alienation.

But then I have been known to be wrong and here comes Ford Prefect forcasting the end of the Friend's of the Earth bypass policy. Aaargh!

DocRichard said...

Oj I don't know. Vogon poetry shows a lot of empathy, but in their case, the empathy is with themselves exclusively.

DocRichard said...

I have read the Wikipedia link to Vogon poetry. But is it accurate?

rob said...

Whassup Doc?
I hear my brighteyed, bushytailed, bunny brothers across the pond, Hazel, Fiver and Roger have been discovered hot on the trail of The Big Cheese.
Furthermore I also learn that the mice in charge of The Earth Project are not pleased, they thought they had cornered the cheese market. They have instructed BigWig to capture Hazel and Fiver & Co and torture them by reading Vogon poetry at them (untranslateable except for the title "The Big Society" whatever that means).

But, my UK friends, help is on the way - my mate Thumperorim, aka PC Friendly, is going to get his mate Bambi and his mate George W. B....................

(at this point the yarn of this thread or was it the thread of this yarn started to unravel - all quotes Wikid Paedia)

rob said...

Incidentally, Wikid Paedia (cockney rhyming slang) state that their anonymous sauces are impeccable and best served with tripe (onions optional extra for sob stories).

No bugs were harmed in the concocting of this comment.

Caveat: YorkieRosie has identified me as Andy Coulson - so beware!!!