Tuesday, May 05, 2015

How Investigators can identify the VIP child abusers

The fish, it is said, rots from the head down.

We cannot have a healthy democracy and society if the upper workings of the State includes criminals who sexually abuse children.

A number of politicians, civil servants and other high-ranking individuals have abused children, but their colleagues are reluctant to allow them be brought to justice for fear of the echoes and repercussions that will affect the power structure of Westminster.

Nevertheless, identification of these VIP abusers and their friends is vitally necessary. 

It is not technically difficult.

At present detectives in several inquiries are sifting through mounds of evidence relating to historic abuse. They interview many of their own colleagues who were active in the past, investigating trails of evidence. The common pattern that their colleagues experienced is that when the trail began to point towards MPs and other high rankers, their investigation was closed down.

Two changes are needed. 

Second, the officers running the current investigations need to be given the power to ask these questions when they are relevant:

"Who gave the order that this abuse story was to be set aside and ignored?"
or "Who did you hand the lost file to?"
or even simply "Who was your superior officer?"

The detectives then move up the chain of command until they identify the source of the order. Some may have died, but contemporaries, colleagues and aides of the dead officers may have leads.

This process is simple and effective. 

The problem is not complexity; the problem is political and psychological. It means that junior officers will be closing in on their own superiors. In doing this, juniors will need courage, integrity, and support. The support will have to come from politicians and journalists, who similarly will need courage and integrity.

The establishment would prefer that police detectives spend their time in a Sysiphan task of sifting through an ever growing mound of data, than that they should turn their attention to finding and eradicating the 20 or so powerful politicians, civil servants and establishment figures who have committed serious crimes.

It is up to us, the people, to make sure that we support a police effort which is directed efficiently at the top figures in the establishment of our nation.

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