Sunday, May 03, 2015


Real threat to planet
Fantasy Alien, not a real threat at all

I love Men in Black. Especially MIB3, which has Griffin in it, who is able to use Truth to persuade Will Smith's dad to let Will and K save Earth from a duality of serial killer(s).

There are only 7 plot lines. This one is Defeating the Monster (who threatens all human kind) .

We are in fact in a Planet In Danger situation but the source of danger is not a personified, focussed alien monster threat, but a totally diffused, ubiquitous and everyday threat that comes from our very own tailpipes, indeed, from our farts, from the familiarity of our meaty meals, from our very own boring insignificant quotidian lives.

And the drama in the situation is in the universal denial that we are all using to "cope" with that threat.

All of us.

Not just the big deniers, like Lindzen, Lawson, and Ridley, or the phat-bass media deniers like Andrew Neil, nor the worm-tongued political deniers like Paterson, nor the pub-bore deniers like Farage, nor the corrupt power deniers like the unknown faces who determined that Ukip should not be tested in the GE2015 "debate" over Farage's intention to repeal the Climate Change Act, not just the venal deniers like Clarkson, but all of us, who all live carbon death-styles, all of us, including you, dear reader, and me, who all try to do our bit but just don't try hard enough.

Humans cannot bear very much reality.

So we lie here, in our comfortable chairs, watching a pleasant fantasy about lovable guys fighting and dying to frustrate a single (if dual) alien psychopath, and all the time we are part of a culture that is not so much invading our planet from the outside but rotting away its diversity from the inside.

MIB3 is a comedy.

The fact that we enjoy it without noticing what it is about is a tragedy.

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