Tuesday, April 19, 2016

"Scaremongering" - all purpose defence for dodgy policy advocates

Michael Gove ain't afraid of crashing the economy, no way

The Brexiteers have a brilliant all-purpose response to the debate: "SCAREMONGERING".
They are like a drunk adolescent with no driving licence who suddenly wants to take over and drive a bus while it is speeding along a narrow cliff road. When other passengers object, the adolescent throws a tantrum and accuses them all of being scaredy-cats.
So far, the IMF, Bank of England, Treasury, CBI, Price Waterhouse Coopers, Standard & Poors (credit rating agency), NFU, LSE, President Obama and the Prime Minister of New Zealand have all warned that there will be dire economic consequences for England and Wales if we leave the EU.
Against this body of expert opinion, the Leave Campaign can put up Rupert and the Two Nigels (Murdoch, Lawson and Farridge)
What is really amazing that so many people find it so difficult to choose between the two sides. Just shows the power of the pro-Brexit media and that one word "Scaremongering".

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