Monday, April 18, 2016

Would a Brexit Britain be just like Norway? No it would not

One of the key arguments, if not the key argument, of the Brexiteers is that if Britain came out of the EU, our position would be just like that of Norway.

No it would not.

The EU does not want to break up. They do not want anyone else to follow our example. If England and Wales leave, the EU is going to make life as difficult as possible for us pour encourager les autres. Trade agreement negotiations will be protracted and complex, barriers will be high and difficult to unlock, decision makers will be hard to contact. They want to see us crash and burn.

Neither side of the EU referendum debate will make this argument.
It is not in the interests of the Brexiteers to make it at this point in the game, and the Remain camp feel that it to point it out would paint the EU in a bad light.

It is true nonetheless. Brexit would be an unmitigated economic disaster for us


Anonymous said...

Utter nonsense!

feidy said...

Even if it ends up being just like Norway, they are in Schengen, they pay to access the common market and must pass European regulation without having a say on it.

Do we really need Brexit to achieve that?

DocRichard46 said...

Well done Damien. It must have taken a lot of time and effort for you to compose that response.