Thursday, May 26, 2016

A song for Boris, Govey and the Brexit campaign

A Tory would a-wooing go
“Hey Ho!” said Boris
And whether his party would let him or no
Into his Battlebus Boris would go
Chuntering many a witty bon mot
With a roly poly
Tousle my blond hair
“Vote Me!” Says Boris de Rowley.

“I've changed my mind over many a thing
Hey Ho!” says Boris
“No matter whatever the future will bring
There's one little song that I always will sing
I'm utterly certain I want to be King
I'm a roly-poly
Tousle my blonde hair
Vote me!” Says Boris de Rowley.

He sets off in his cycling hat
“Vote Me!” says Boris
And out on the road he fell in with a rat
With a pink pair of lips that looked awfully fat
They both want the top job, but never mind that
“We both want Brexit, what if it wrecks it,
Hey Ho”, sing Boris and Govey

They came up to Miss Voter's flat
“Vote Me!” says Boris
And asked “Will you vote for me (stupid old bat)”
Said sotto voce, she's sharp as a cat
“He wants rumpy-pumpy, he's not getting that,
You're a roly-poly
Empty old windbag”
“O Cripes” says Boris and Govey.

So Boris and Govey were out on the street
“Hey Ho!” says Boris
“There once was a time I could play the buffoon
But now that it's serious, I'm way off the tune
I see that I'm losing the voters in June
No more roly-poly, 
Easy bonhomie,
We're stuffed”, say Boris and Govey.

Richard Lawson 26/5/2016

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