Wednesday, August 10, 2016

The effects of Brexit

This post is a list of the economic and other consequences of Brexit. 
It is subject to updates as new data comes along.
Feel free to make any further suggestions in the Comments slot.

  1. The FTSE 100 fell before and after the referendum, but recovered, and continues to gain 6 weeks after 
  2. Fall in the value of Sterling. Which means that our foreign holidays and imports (including food and clothing) are more expensive, but our exports are cheaper.
  3. Fall in funding for, and co-operation with, science.
  4. Purchasing Managers' Index (PMI) shows a steep loss of confidence in services and manufacturing.
  5. Fall in number of City Jobs. Not necessarily a bad thing overall, though it might have consequences for tax revenue
  6. London house prices lose £30k Again not necessarily a bad thing, unless you just bought a house in London
The above are actual events. We also have predictions and expectations - which,  in economics, are can be effective in influencing events.

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