Monday, April 22, 2019

Universal Spring

Great to our tiny distant Earth
Which spells out slender spirals in her wake
Our Sun,  Alpha and Omega of life,

Is just a speck within the whirl
Of stars that make the Milky Way
A faint white smear seen through polluted sky

And Milky Way becomes a speck in turn
In the vast matrix of the full array
Of Power that is the Universe

Whose pulses interweave with life
Buried in soil, asleep, waiting the day
That trickles heat into the soft dark earth

And when the cycle turns to certain warmth
Then all the injured forests feel the lengthening day
Reach out their leaves towards the healing Sun

And we, though in our busyness we lose the truth
Yet still the Spring will help us find our way.
The Great moves simply to assist the birth
Of knowledge that could sustain our life.


© Richard Lawson
April 22, 2019

(This set out to be a villanelle, but didn't quite get there.)

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