Friday, September 02, 2022

 Now this is odd. I had an email a few days ago from Blogger saying that 2 of my posts have been removed for "breaking community guidelines". Their letter did not contain the content that had been removed, but I have found one post that was removed from the excellent I have sent it to Blogger for review. The post clearly does not offend community guidelines, so the Blogger algorithm has erred.

The other post that was unpublished was titled  'Isl*mophobes and Isl*mists locked in an embrace of mutual h*tred'. I had to use the asterisks because using the full word was getting this present post blocked from publication. So far I have been unable to find it on, but the content is as the title suggests, and presumably the complaint came from an Islamophobe or an Islamist. I will continue to search for it.

Blogger have reinstated the Frugal Queen post. It is here. It is worth reading, and the subsequent comments, which are edifying.

I'm still blocked on the Islamophobe post, because I cannot find the original post in order to amend it and put it on Blogger for review

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