Thursday, November 18, 2004

Hey Ho, Eh?

The day starts with a note from the OSCE, saying they will do a final report on 2/11 in a month (they had oversight of the US election). Reply encouraging them to do their thing without fear or favour.

Then a message from Vera Gottleib with a piece from the Toronto Star* setting out the case for GWB to be tried for war crimes, so I shorten it and put it up.

So. Private Citizen does his bit towards overturning (a) the US election and (b) the most powerful person in the known universe, and all before 9 o'clock in the morning. Great things, these computers. Hope government officers don't try to kill me. Or hijack my browser.

*I really like Canada and Canadians. Not just the hugeness of it (and them), and not just because the Toronto Star seems to print the stories that other papers cross the road to avoid, but also because in Canada, octogenarians play ice hockey. When I heard that, I went straight down the road and started playing skater/roller hockey. (In the UK there is one ice rink per 900,000 head of population (I made that figure up) so ice time is too precious to allow 58 year olds to go play on it).

With the result that I am now Getting Fit. Booring.

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