Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Launching Out

Everything that exists has to start sometime, with the possible exception of the Singularity that preceded the Big Bang, and what better, or worse, time to start than November 2004, at a time when the forces of Resident GeorgeW Bush are tearing into the heart of a third world city in a frenzied and misguided attempt to kill the Hydra of hatred that originates in his own unregenerated heart, in delusional pursuit of bringing democracy to a country 2 weeks after he himself has been "re-elected" in a procedure whose democratic rectitude is far from clear.

So as the monkey part of our nature kills and maims in one world, a different part grieves and pines for just a little tiny bit of rationality in another world.

Three decades ago I launched into politics thinking that there was a debate to be had. I still cling to the notion that reason might be of some use to us in the 21st century, but the hand that clings is the hand of a drowning man, and rationality is a straw.

Still, I have always held that green politics is like a parachute on a hang glider: it may not save your life, but it gives you something to do on the way down.

Today I have two parachutes, which is not a good idea. One is the investigation into what went on inside the computers on 2/11. The other is the Index of Governance.

Enough said for one night. Except that I forgive you, America.

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Dances With Fork said...

RE: What went on inside the computers.
Very interesting. I myself thought the same thing, how can so much of the exit polling be wrong? Say what you will about the data, exit polling worked fine for years, then all of a sudden it's totally off in 2004?
Very curious.