Monday, November 29, 2004

Permission to stop panicking

Tomorrow I retire from full time general practice. 25 years of listening to complaints, asking questions, examining, making diagnoses, and offering treatments - sometimes boring pills, sometimes excting radical things like diets, environmental changes, acupuncture and imaging psychotherapy.

I have a huge amount of experience stored between my ears. It will continue to be used part time for a couple of years, but then it will just rot. Wisdom has no place in the new NHS where everything is itemised and given a price tag, another step to turning the NHS into the American style HMO system. Ready to be sold off in accordance with the General Agreement on Trade in Services.

All my acquired knowledge will not go to waste if I store it in Dr Doc. But that needs sorting out to make it work properly. And there is the Index of Governance to be sorted. And the boat. And the Mabinogogiblog. And the PKAT project. And the house.

Retirement is going to be busy. I should have stayed at work.

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