Friday, November 19, 2004

Tally Ho!

Well, no sooner said (see yesterday) than done. Take a look at this! Well done Mike, good to know that someone reads the Mabinogogiblog.

On a more serious note, the British Isles today are convulsed in a political frenzy that makes 2/11 (aka Votergate) look like a mild disagreement among friends.

Parliament Has Banned Fox Hunting. No more will the unattractive large six legged Redcoats predators be legally able to gallop across the English countryside until their baying hounds tear an attractive small four legged red coated predator to bits in front of they eyes of minors. No more will said minors be "bloodied" by having their face smeared with the ripped off brushy tail (marmalade cat colour with a fluffy white tip).

That would be the same Redcoats who tried to supress the colonial insurgents and terrorists who fought the War of Independence, Redcoats licensed by their monarch to enjoy this sport in order to stop them joining the French Revolution. According to George Monbiot anyway.

The Green Party is 100% anti-hunting, therefore I am too, except that I am not quite 100%. As a country dweller I can empathise with the gathering of the hunt in the fresh morning air of the Cotswold countryside, sharp with an October tinge of mist, ears aglint to musical braying of the hounds and county ladies, the smell of horseflesh, the ring of hooves on cobble, the soft slip of foot that rests on horse dung or hound poo. And then the Up Up and Awaaaay!! as the hunt gallops off into the . . . [that's enough hunting Ed.]

Hunting certainly is an exercise in sadism, but as a doctor I have to be in favour of exercise. And we must remember that sadists are people too.

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