Monday, December 20, 2004

And every time Blair shouted "Fire!"

On the ID card issue, (which is big in the UK at the moment) I stand firmly on the side of the debate that says "Who could object to them, unless you have something to hide?"

With one proviso. The state that issues the cards must, like Matilda's aunt, have a strict regard for truth. Otherwise they could simply write "Known Terrorist" into the data on my card. Or "Terrorist Suspect". Either way, every time I went to the bank, I would quickly surrounded by wailing sirens and men in black pointing their rods at me.

So the big question is, "Does the Bliar Government have a strict regard for truth?".

And the answer of course has to be a resounding "NO".

And even if the answer were to be a quiet "Yes", the next question would be "And can we expect every Government in the future to have a strict regard for truth?"

Again the answer is "No".

So that's it then. No ID cards. Next!

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