Thursday, December 09, 2004

..or fill the gap up with our English dead.

Scoop: Complete US Exit Poll Data Confirms Net Suspicions

La lutte continua. It is noticable that there is an increase in media coverage of the Votergate/Election Fraud/2/11 Attack on Democracy - call it what you will - issue, perhaps due to the fact that Jesse Jackson and, belatedly, the Democrats, have joined the Greens and Libertarians in challenging the Ohio vote.

The key point is that the integrity of the electoral process be preserved. A most pleasant side effect would be that the world be relieved of the domination of Dubya and his gang of neocons.

And to the 50% of Americans who find that statement offensive, I say "Please understand us: Bush makes us Non-Americans feel very very insecure. It is not just the illegal, oil motivated invasion of Iraq; not just the rejection of the International Criminal Court: not just Kyoto; not just the Patriot Act ("Patriot" Ha!);not just his mangling of the English language; not just that he has a little box on his back to tell him what to say, and his tailor is paid to tell us that it's a crease( so that's all right then, but will anyone ever buy a suit from him again?):

It is Because It Looks As If Bush's Party Consistently Cheats At Elections, And you Cannot Win War against Terrorism and For Democracy If Your Party Looks As If It Cheats At Elections. Because The Next Thing Is That It Will Cheat At Cards, And That Would Be The End Of Civilisation As We Know It."

There. I hope that is clear. So it is in everyone's interests - Green, Libertarian, Republican, Democrat, American, Brit, Ukrainian, whoever - that we get this electoral integrity issue sorted out once and for all in the courts. OK?

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