Friday, December 03, 2004

Retire hurt

Today was a BMA retirement seminar. Not v helpful. The workshops were the best bits, hearing what other docs thought and felt about things. There were strong prejudices against having pre-retirement health checks - ironic considering this is what docs are supposed to be doing all the time in the "new NHS".

Also, sadly, reactionary views about exercise ("difficult and boring").
We should be emphasising that fitness is fun, and one of only two things that can reverse the aging process, the other being to have a good laugh.

And woeful ignorance about organic food: "No evidence of nutritional benefits". Not true.

There is evidence, but it is scarce, because there are no patents to be had from natural processes, so little science gets done. For the record, organic food has more micronutrients and antioxidants. And less water. The main influence of artificial fertiliser, apart from contributing to global warming, is to pump a load of water into your food.

How did science turn into a handmaiden of the conservative mindset?

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