Thursday, January 06, 2005

Cured of bubble baths forever - at no extra cost

Excellent! A patient phones up to say his or her urethral discomfort has disappeared. This is the kind of message that warms the face and brings a smile to the heart. He (or she, I'm not saying) had a feeling of something wrong, not soreness, but a discomfort of some kind in the water pipe. I did all the things a proper doctor should do, including getting a specimen of urine, but also I enquired about use of bubble bath and shower gel. Yes, s/he did use them, and yes, s/he would not mind doing without those surfactants for a few days. Ten days later - bingo, problem sorted. No discomfort, no embarrassing trips to the pissoir, no expensive and troublesome courses of antibiotics, no fruitless investigation by urologists, no expensive purchases at the toiletries counter.

As I always say, life is bad enough without buying things to make it worse.

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