Saturday, January 15, 2005

Index of Frantic Last Minute Activity

Are there any UK UNA (United Nations Association) members reading this blog?
If so, I would be very grateful indeed if you would take a look at this motion, and the link giving background details, and then, if you would like to support this initiative, please print it off, sign it and post it to :

Fanny Lines
3 Whitehall Court
London SW1A 2EL

to arrive before 1 February 2005.

This will mean that it gets discussed at the UK UNA Conference in April.

If you do send it, please let me know by email.
Many thanks
Richard Lawson

Index of Governance Motion

The United Nations Association

noting the current movement towards enabling the United Nations to take military action against regimes which act in disregard of human rights, and

noting the need for a non-violent alternative to bring pressure on inhumane regimes,

requests that the UNA Board consider and develop the proposal that UN member states should have their human rights record continuously assessed, and that the resulting score should be published annually by the UN as an Index of Governance,
and that regimes with the poorest record of human rights as measured on this Index shall suffer targeted sanctions designed to affect the ruling elite rather than the general population, and
requests that the UNA Board should, having developed this proposal, press for it to be adopted by the World Federation of UNAs, with a view to having this policy eventually adopted by the UN itself.


UNA member

More info on the Index of Governance

This is a bit of a cliff hanger, as we only have about 15 days left to go. Which is why there was no blog yesterday. Not that anyone noticed, probably.

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