Friday, January 21, 2005

Is Tony Blair Naive or Cynical?

I have long been pondering this question. He seems so convinced of his own rightness; I recognise my adolescent evangelical self in his earnestness, so surely he is just naive, a choirboy taken in by the hard bitten neo-cons in the White House. Of course, all politicians traduce themselves; it goes with the job. But this news item from Greenpeace finannly persuades me to come down on the cynical side of the fence:

Greenpeace accused Tony Blair of a 'betrayal' after leaked documents revealed the Prime Minister was boasting about global warming commitments in keynote speeches while his government was simultaneously trying to ditch them at European meetings.

It looks as if Blair is at one with his playmate Dubya in a Leo Straussian (or should that be Goebbelian) game of confuse the masses with deliberate lies.

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