Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Let them inherit trees

Finland has a Futures Committee that looks at the interests of future generations. What an amazing idea! "Originally established on a temporary basis in 1993 after a severe recession, the Committee for the Future has been so successful in responding and evaluating Governmental
decisions that Parliament has granted it permanent status." Writes John Turnbull of the World Democracy Network.

Sadly, our relation with future generations mostly involves taking from them - not just finite resources, but also, incredibly, living resources also, like fish stocks, forests, soil and biodiversity.

There are two things we can hand on to them: intellectual resources (cultural and scientific) and - forests.

If we plant trees now, the people who will benefit will be our children.

So let us plant trees: indigenous, diverse, community based, trees. Plenty of trees.
Trees in our own countries, and with the indigenous peoples' permission, in other countries as well. The old rainforests can be regenerated if we plant first on the coasts and move inwards.

But let it always be by, with, and for the local community.

In planting trees, we will to some extent we will be taking CO2 out of circulation that we thoughtlessly put into it.

More on this later.

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