Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Ow luckey we har (to be not tortured in this country)

Yesterday a piece on Channel 4 Dispatches
Channel 4 - Torture
"Torture: The Dirty Business Tuesday 1 March at 11.10pm Torture is a multinational industry – but its headquarters is in the USA. In this programme Andrew Gilligan examines the CIA’s practice of abducting terrorist suspects and transferring them to states such as Egypt and Syria, where torture is routine. The programme also exposes the British government’s refusal to condemn the use of torture by the government of Uzbekistan, for the sake of the ‘evidence’ it produces: 'selling our souls for dross', in the words of the former British ambassador."

In it we find - surprise, surprise - that after a long period of torture, people will say whatever their torturers want them to say. This "Intelligence" will then wend its way back to our very own excellent "Intelligence" services, who will be able to present this "evidence" to the Home Secretary who will be then be able to put people named in said "evidence" under house arrest without trial.

Ow luckey we har to live in a democracy!
Three cheers for Tony Blair, our dear leader who keeps us safe from harm!

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