Friday, April 01, 2005

Anarchists endorse Wolfowitz says that Anarchists endorse Wolfowitz: because the choice will galvanize opposition to the World Bank.

Washington, DC -- Anarchist economists with the Inter-American
Anti-Development Bank today endorsed Paul Wolfowitz as the new president
of the World Bank. At a time when the World Bank is enjoying an improved
image as a so-called poverty reduction organization, Wolfowitz will help
restore the Bank's image as an international purveyor of unrestricted
capitalism and predatory imperialism. For too long the World Bank has
been restrained by wussy neoliberal policies. Under Wolfowitz's tutelage
we can expect to see a pumped-up Neo-World Bank which will rely on state
power instead of 'free markets' to maintain American economic hegemony
around the globe. "

What do we know of wolves? They are social animals that hunt in packs, and many environmentalists say they have had a really bad press. Not many environmentalists would say that Wolfowitz has had a really bad press.

So their names are not much help to our understanding.

In fact I would say both Wolfs have had a relatively quiet time in the press, considering that one started a disastrous war on the basis of falsehoods, while the other has been quietly reforming an institution that has been the ruin of many a poor nation.

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