Thursday, April 28, 2005

"Don't Vote, it only encourages them"

I agree that it is a sham democracy in the UK ( ) but any vote is better than no vote, and it is a shame not to use it - but just do it as you would pick up a piece of litter: a good thing to do, but not earth moving in its effect.

If in a marginal constituency, your vote can help keep the pro-war labour ond/or the Tory out.

If in a safe seat - vote Green, because of the principle of ecological wisdom that they represent. If no Green, pop in and spoil a paper.


Anonymous said...

Emma Goldman once concluded that if voting changed anything, it would be illegal. Beside our leaders have alienated us, and now we care nothing about their stupid plea for vote/support for their sick tradition of domination.

Thanks but not thanks.

DocRichard said...

It's a nice line, along iwth other anarchist lines like "No matter who you vote for, the Government always gets in". At least, I assume it is an anarchist line. I see the Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band had it in their lyrics.

Nice line, but voting can and does change things. Or rather, being able to vote is infinitely better than not being able to vote.

Our leaders certainly have alienated themselves from us, and alienated us, and they do not deserve our votes. Often there is not much choice between their policies, although America does have a clear choice between the personalities on offer for President.

There are real choices to be made in political philosophies at the moment. Not just MainstreamLiberal and MainstreaConservative, but also Green, libertarian, ultra-right/neo-fascist, anarchist, Marxist &c.

Voting is not the end of democracy, but it is the beginning of it.

Or maybe Anonymous, you do not believe in democracy?

Thanks for commenting anyway.