Thursday, April 21, 2005

Lines on the Death of John Paul II (Updated Version)

"No Popery" Ian Paisley cried,
and now that John Paul II has died,
there is no Pope,
so can we hope
for Orangemen with peace inside?

They just can't cope
without a Pope.
The Papists want a Papacy
and Paisley needs an enemy.
Without a Pope
they'd all just . . . mope.

It makes you think:
what if it pushed them off the brink
what if it made them turn to drink
or even . . . turn to dope?

Might be a blessing in disguise.
Imagine if the smokes that rise
above the Convocation
(as they all grope
for a new pope)
should symbolise a wider scope
for toleration?

What if the newly chosen Pope,
red-eyed, and reading Rattigan
loped lazily around the Vatican
flashing the peace sign,
Oh wow. Yeah. Wow. Yeah. Fine.

But that could be a slippery slope
No-one would want a hippy Pope.
We should not hope
for a doped pope;
but could we simply go for one
that has a well developed sense of fun?
(Perhaps when Ratslinger has gone?)

(c) Richard Lawson

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