Monday, April 04, 2005

OSCE report takes the Republicans' word for it.

The OSCE report on the US elections is out. Here is a sample:

Civil society groups engaged with the issue of voting with DRE machines made numerous statements, and provided extensive information on their websites, demonstrating distrust of DRE machines that fail to provide a voter-verified auditable paper trail (VVAPT). Neither the vendors nor the county and state election officials with whom the EOM met shared this distrust.

So. That's all right then. Civil society says there is a problem? Ask the vendors and the beneficiaries. If they find no problem, end of story.

The odd thing is not that this is the methodology used, but that there was a 3 month delay before this came out. Was the extra time taken up in assembling the terse descriptive text? Or was it taken up in painful negotiations as the US authorities deconstructed the OSCE report line by line, robbing it of all critical statements?

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