Friday, May 20, 2005


1 Clearing Out

Burdened by books
he is a spring
compressed between
the single root of all this fine reality
and tablets of wooden thought
that made him what he thinks he is

work out the weight of all these fetishes
not good enough to use
not bad enough to be destroyed

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that flawless leg
sheathed in fine-spun fibre
will fade, grow veins
grow weak and rot away:
the plastic will outlast the leg

3 Power Comes In Many Forms

invisible detritus
the stable substance
that leaves an unseen cloud
weaving its way
among the sky blue air
so that the first wave of the web
breaks down

who cares? we are the Man
no-one can prove I killed your child
your father mother friend
prove it in court of law

reeling back
caught in the fork between
necessity and reason

go die for your beloved frogs
you child

Sclerosis is a form of power

Is willingness to try new paths another?

(c) Richard Lawson
Autumn 2004

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