Monday, July 11, 2005

Condolences from Somalia

Sweet letter from a contact in Somalia, an activist for peace and democracy :

Dear Dr. Richard Lawson,

Greetings first. I am sorry for what had happened in London for the last three to four days. I am also sorry for the late reply because I was away in the field and cut from all communication lines. I have just been update for what had happened in London.

Let share the pain with you Sir. Terror is a danger for all.


Best Regards

To which I reply:

Dear Ali Said

As far as we know, these bombs were a vengeance for the bombs that our Government (against the wishes of the majority of our people) dropped on Iraqi and Afghan citizens. And so it goes on, the cycle of violence, until both sides get tired. Anger breeds suffering breeds anger breeds suffering...

Violence is so unnecessary. We have enough to do in providing ourselves with water, food, shelter and health, and if we concentrated n that, we would have no resources or time left to fight each other.



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