Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Make Hyperciticism History

There has been a sustained campaign in the media to belittle the Make Povery History (MPH) campaign, both from right (who just do not care about Africa or indeed about anything beyond their own bank balances) and from the left, who will not accept anything unless it is hammered out on their own anvil. Much of it is unfair, accusing it of simply being aid-focused, which is untrue, and all of it obfuscates the three point programme of MPH (debt retirement, fair trade, more and better aid)

If we stop for a moment to consider who it is that the journalists who write these pieces work for, and also who it is that some of the extreme left critics work for, we could be more critical of their point of view.

MPH is not perfect. Nothing is. Not even the Green Party. I am all for making common cause with popular movements who are travelling along our way.

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DocRichard said...

Actually, I see now that i was wrong, and Bob was hypnotised by Blair, just as Blair was hypnotised by Bush. Maybe they put something in the drinks.