Friday, October 21, 2005

Campaigning Day

Have spent all day campaigning and lobbying on the Preventing Bird Flu question. Local virologist says yes, good idea, and no, there is no chance of the vaccine combining with H5N1 Avian by accident. Local Public Health Consultant says yes, sound idea, but they have to go with the protocols, and she will send me one. Email goes off to Prof Vivienne Nathanson at the BMA, trying to get them on board. Phone local chicken farmers trying to find a brave soul who is ready to go an TV having his arm vaccinated.

In between times write also to the UN special Representative to Somalia and the UK Representative at the UN asking what the we can do about Somalia (toughen the arms embargo, strengthen civil society, deny the warlords' freedom to travel).

Now it is Nicky's birthday party, so time to get off the keyboard.

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