Friday, October 14, 2005

Good news from Somalia

Telephone rings. Ali Said Omar's voice is clear, but long pauses between speaking, I suppose from the micro-delays at each satellite or node. Good news though. One of the CPD workers has had his operation (I get the impression it is the leg wound) and he is doing fine.

Again I feel embarrassed that a man who is in daily danger in the name of peace and freedom is thanking me, an overindulged Western keyboard basher, for writing a few latters. Ali Said, you and the thousands of human rights activists who are at the the battle front between human kindness and human cruelty, you are the ones who deserve thanks.

It feels unreal to be involved with this kind of event. The reality is happening in Somalia, but in our unreal, TV/film/indulgence dominated culture, reality seems unreal.

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