Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Bush Electoral Fraud

Kathy Dopp, the indefatiable electoral mathematician points to ever-stronger case that Bush's team cheated to win: There is significant controversy about whether the 2004 presidential
election was conducted fairly and its votes counted correctly.
According to results of the major national election exit poll conducted
for the National Election Pool by Edison/Mitofsky (E/M), Kerry won
Ohio's pivotal vote, though the official tally gave the state, and thus
the presidency, to Bush. The conduct of Ohio's election was formally
debated by Congress in January 2005.

The National Election Data Archive (NEDA) is the first mathematical team
to release a valid scientific analysis of the precinct-level 2004 Ohio
presidential exit poll data "The Gun is Smoking: 2004 Ohio
Precinct-Level Exit Poll Data Show Virtually Irrefutable Evidence of
Vote Miscount" available at
NEDA's analysis provides significant evidence of an outcome-altering
vote miscount.

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