Thursday, February 02, 2006

The USA electronic vote rigging scandal rumbles on...

Voting system examiners in several states have been prohibited from revealing voting system flaws to the public due to nondisclosure agreements they signed with the vendors.

Electronic voting machines that have been under suspicion ever since George W Bush’s last election victory, which had a strange discrepancy (that cannot be explained statistically) between exit polls and the final tally in some states. Black Box Voting, campaigning on this issue, has learned that vendors of the electronic voting machines have been requiring nondisclosure agreements that block release of information of critical importance to the welfare of American democracy. Secretaries of state have failed to protect their voting system examiners.

BBV have already obtained one of the Diebold nondisclosure requirements. Diebold attempts to block everything that should be revealed -- even if the contractor is served with a subpoena or court order!

Black Box Voting has requested copies of the rules, procedures, and any indemnifications, nondisclosures or administrative procedures that apply to the certification, examination and deliberation process in Florida, Pennsylvania, Georgia, California, and Iowa.

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