Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Blair's mind is set on Nuclear Power, but...

Potential Energy asks: Can anyone here tell me how committing to building new nuclear power plants within the next 20-30 years will help lower CO2 emissions enough so that we can halt climate change?

My reply:

Storm and Van Leeuwen suggest that the high grade uranium ores are sufficient to meet the world’s total electricity (not energy, note) needs for 3-5 years. That process will emit CO2 at a rate of 1/3 of gas. After the high grade ores are used, the low grade ores would need more energy to refine them than they could produce.

I believe that 3-5 years is equivalent to a saving of 2.4% of CO2 emmissions over the next thirty years.

However, all figures in this area have to be treated with caution, with huge variations available, depending on source.

Read all about it here.CO2

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