Sunday, May 07, 2006

Jack Straw, ex-Foreign Secretary - What does it mean?

I have a bad feeling about Jack Straw's departure from the FCO. For all his deficiencies in the Iraq department, he has been saying consistently that no way is anyone in their right mind going to start bombing or invading Iran. Now that he has been replaced by Margaret Beckett, the Bliar is free to slake his lust both for glossary cleansing of the Presidential natal cleft, and also his pathological liking for violent "resolution" of conflict.

As for la Beckett, she is one tough cookie. There is a tradition (Gummer, Meacher) for Environment Secretaries to leave office with a sense of realisation that there is a major problem with the environment, but Margaret has not shown any symptoms of having the slightest glimmering of understanding of the severity of the problems that we face. Or if she did, she has not let her understanding affect her policy decisions.

Oh dear, Oh dear.

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