Friday, May 12, 2006

Milliband, Horrobin, Defra and Blair

Two telling moments on the Radio 4 Toady programme this morning.

1 Roger Horrobin asked Dept of the Environment people to name ONE occasion when Bliar backed them against the Dept of transport, trade or treasury colleagues. There was an embarrassed silence.

2 The new Environment Minister, David Milliband (worth a thousand microbands, clearly) refers to nuclear power as zero carbon energy. Hah! Even the commentators have given that one up about 12 months ago, and refer to it as a low-carbon option. As any fule kno, nuclear energy requires huge inputs of energy to mine, enrich and dispose of the fues, let alone make the concrete and steel for the reactors. Using current high grade uranium ores, nuclear emits about 1/3 the amount of gas. Lower grade ores are just not worth the trouble in terms of carbon emmissions.

A message for David Microband can be reached at the Dept of the Environment 0845 9335 577 (9-5 M-F).

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