Monday, August 07, 2006

A Question for James Lovelock

The Independent is running a question-a-celeb page. Next up is James Lovelock. Send yours to

Here's mine.

Dear Jim

Gaia is a system.

Paradoxically, your vision for the future is of a nuclear powered elite standing outside of the global social system in order to try to continue a "civilisation" in Northern Europe for a few years.

The vast majority of those who have been campaigning the healing of Gaia over the past four or five decades believe that the healing must take place through system change, not through one single ex-system technology. Everyone from presidents to waste collectors must play their part in a radical change in attitude and behaviour, using a vide variety of safe, human scale technologies which interact together in a beneficial way.

Will you join us in calling for such a system change?

Dr Richard Lawson
Green Party Activist

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