Monday, October 30, 2006

PM programme, Radio 4 does a piece on the Stern Report about the economic impact of Global Warming, then interviews an obscure American global warming sceptic professor. This isn't balance - it is perverse Luddism. The debate is not about whether it is happening - that was last century - it is about what we can do to avoid its worst consequences. I cannot tell you how frustrating (this is a copy of my email to PM ) it is for us out here to listen to the BBC returning again and again to American sceptics, like a dog returning to lap up its own vomit ( a Biblical reference, therefore not offensive). Pull yourselves together! Get a grip, for God's sake - or rather, for all our sakes. Do you actually want to provoke us into a BBC licience strike? Is that the game? If not, it is difficult to see WHAT you are up to.
Dissatisfied listener.

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