Thursday, March 08, 2007

FoE - gone shopping

Friends of the Earth have a new online shop
It is in fact, as far as I can see, a bookshop. You cannot buy organic food there, nor insulation materials, nor bikes, nor high efficiency light bulbs nor heat retaining curtains. Just books. I went and bought Heat by George Monbiot. He is sound on most points but v dodgy on Carbon Offsetting. No-one is perfect.

Anyway, the FoE bookshop experience was better than going into Waterstone's, but that is because I get depressed in bookshops because of all the books that I have not read, nor yet will ever get around to reading.

I have been a paid up member of FoE for about 30 years, on principle, though relations have been strained at times because they always sit on their hands when Britain has another funny turn and lashes out violently with its non-suicide bombers at collateral persons. Unlike Greenpeace, who are out there telling people to cool it. As a result, the Media go to FoE and say what do you think of the environmental effects of this war then? and FoE say, "pity about the oiled up birds" and Greenpeace do not get asked at all as a Punishment for Criticising the War.

Recently though I heard Tony Juniper criticising some thing military - maybe it was Trident - so perhaps they are getting braver, at the expense of not being allowed on telly.

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