Thursday, March 29, 2007

Marine matters: another Blair war on the horizon...

The captured Marines: where they in Iranian waters or not? Definitely not, according to our Government, which is completely trustworthy in matters of this sort. Why, they even hover a helicopter above the dhow that the patrol was inspecting, and show us the GPS position. The dhow has not, of course, moved in the 2 days since the marines were captured. Why should it? It is a boat. They never move about do they? We can be quite sure there are no currents and winds.

However, there is a problem. Whatever the GPS, whatever the mobility or otherwise of the dhow, these are disputed waters. Iran and Iraq have not agreed where the international boundary lies. So both Iran and the UK are hamming it up when they claim that the marines were definitely in waters A or waters B. Nobody knows who owned the waters they were in.
Maybe the local dolphins own them.

But do not take it from me: get it from the horse's mouth, here: Craig Murray is The Man, a diplomat who got the sack for telling the truth about torture inflicted by one of George Bush's more disreputable friends. I would rather listen to a man like that than a thousand journalists.

I see that the journalists are in a feeding frenzy. One of them has already likened Pres. Armourdinnerjacket to Adolf Hitler. This is a clear sign that Blair is going to end his presidency with a bang. O dear.

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