Friday, April 27, 2007

BBC Backs Fascists?

A search the BBC website for audio and video reports in April show that the BBC have covered the BNP's efforts in the local election campaign three times:
  • on 26th April, "BNP take on Conservatives
  • 20 April. "BNP push for local gains
  • 19 April, "BNP campaigns in Scotland.
In contrast, the Green Party have been covered once,
  • 3rd April, Scottish Green Party Launches its manifesto.
The Green Party has more councillors than the BNP, has a longer history, and has garnered many more votes than the BNP overall. The BBC's current advertisements for the BNP can therefore only be characterised as perverse and deeply questionable.

I am debating this with Marie Therese Gibson at BBC Information. You can too.

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