Sunday, May 20, 2007

UN Secretary General's agenda

(In a speech in Korea)... In human rights too, we have an ambitious agenda. I intend to strengthen our mechanisms for the prevention of human rights violations and to work for steps to make operational the concept of the responsibility to protect.

I write to the main Responsibility to Protect campaigners:

It is good that Ban Ki Moon has this intention. It is very clear that prevention (of HR violations) is better than cure. We need to start course correction procedures at a very early stage, at the point whaere any government begins to go down the authoritarian route, to challenges to free speech, infringemennts or distrortion of democratic processes, silencing and locking up political opponents, and the rest of it. These activities are recorded in UN, Amnesty International and State Department reports. However, they effecively disappear in reports, invisible to all except experts and PhD students.
However, rendering this information into an Index would make the relative HR position of each and every state in the world visible at a glance, to the politically aware citizen, or to the person planning his/her annual vacation.

More information is here : Index of Human Rights

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