Friday, June 15, 2007

Congratulations to Irish Greens

I have just emailed my opposite number in the Irish Green Party (Comohaontas Glas) with a message of congratulations and a request to apply a certain cognitive lever onto the Blair Government in climate change negotiations.

I can hardly believe that fellow Greens with whom I have sat down to eat, drink and tell stories are at this moment settling into their seats and eyeing levers of power. The Green Party in England and Wales and the New Zealand Values Party (as then was) are the oldest Green Parties in the world, yet we in England are locked out of our rightful place in Government by an irrational, unrepresentative, antidemocratic, dysfunctional and disreputable electoral system called First Past the Post. It is the only such system used in Europe (althought the Italians are eyeing it with interest, as a way to deliver strong (=authoritarian) governments).

What really nauseates me is the way the English are so endlessly self-congratulatory about their stupid system, and the way the media fails to question it.

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